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Welcome to Joemo's Artists Page
We are working with different Artists right now. 3
new singer and song writers, a jazz artist  And
the Sound of Two
Ray Gantek
I’d like to let you know that Ray
Gantek has just finished a new
song written by Joemo with Ray
as co-writer called “Best Love
Ever”. It was recorded at Ray’s
new studio for Ray Gantek
Productions in Weirsdale, Florida.
He sings the song and did all the
playing and arranged all the
music on the track just like the
other CD he did with Joemo
Joemo met Ray Gantek at the Orange Blossom
Opry and found they had some great ideas with
Joe writing and Ray playing.
Joemo worked with them as they did the songs in
their style and came up with "Old Fashion Songs"

Joemo now have 2 CD of 13 songs of Johnny
Cash and 1 of Bob Dyan.
Doing more soon.
Sound Of Two
Carolyn and Gary have been married for forty-
years and are originally from Ann Arbor,
Michigan. They now live in Summerfield, Florida.
Although Gary has only been singing for five
years, Carolyn has been studying voice and
singing since
she was 12 years old.  She participates in many
charity shows around the Summerfield area and
routinely in restaurants and cafés.
John Brown
I’d like to introduce you to John Brown.  
He’s from Dansville, Michigan and
Clermont, Florida.  Over the past couple
of months, he’s recorded his first CD,
“Hello My Name is John Brown” on
which he wrote all the songs.  It’s a mix
of bluegrass, country, and gospel.  It
was recorded at Ray Gantek Studios
with help from Lorri Gill, Jim Troxell,
Rick Akiens, and Ray Gantek.  
He said that his biggest goal is to
perform on stage at the Grand OL Opry.

David Max Baldwin
David is from Ocala Florida. He sings and plays
acoustic guitar.  His musical style is mostly
Country with a little bit of Rock and Roll and a
touch gospel. Over the years he has done a
couple of CDs and now for his latest he has
joined up with writer Joemo and artist Ray
Gantek for some great songs. All of these songs
were mixed and mastered at Ray Gantek
Productions in Weirsdale, Florida.
And The other artist we are working
Bobby Best
They are still working together on more ideas
and on their own projects.
All Songs  have been Published and copyright
through JOEMO and OCR
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